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Why should you use a professional narrator?

A professional narrator can make your material more engaging and memorable, leading to greater absorption and retention.


Studies show that learners perform better and absorb more when graphics are described using narration rather than on screen text alone.

Professional narrators are actors trained in a wide variety of delivery styles… whose job is to understand the audience and connect specifically to that audience. Some, like me, also have additional industry experiences that bring deeper understanding to your material.

In addition, we do our homework about your content and all of the terms, acronyms and vernacular that go with it.

What does a narrator cost?



Hiring a professional can actually reduce your costs by turning your project around quickly with higher quality, allowing you to focus on more critical elements, like content development and design.

Costs vary according to the length and complexity of the material, as well as the degree of studio editing required.


Each project is different, and I am always willing to work with your budget.

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